Friday, July 18, 2008

Breach by Anne Haines

BOR #1 contributor Anne Haines has a new chapbook, Breach, coming out with Finishing Line Press. Order your copy today, and support this fabulous poet.

The chapbook is $12 (free shipping if ordered by July 25; add $2 shipping after that date). Advance orders will ship on or about August 22.

Praise for Breach:

In this astonishingly vital collection Anne Haines moves back and forth between land and sea, exploring every possible kind of breach and blessing. Her embrace encompasses accidents, birds, bodies, "everything that whispers," "every bone and every breath," and "every form of longing." In poems displaying a range of poetic gifts, Haines stimulates the brain and plunges deep into the heart. (Diane Lockward, author of Eve's Red Dress and What Feeds Us)

In Breach, Anne Haines continues the tradition of exploring edges, the liminal territory historically mapped by Bishop, Moore and other women. Hers is a verse of in-betweenness: in-between waking and sleeping, in-between clouds and earth, in-between animal and human, in-between the sea and land, and in-between here and there. In her poetry, water appears and reappears -- it buoys up the substance of the poem and becomes a complicated surface. Haines investigates the natural with a close, but not objective eye. Her empathy for the wilderness and its processes is evident in nearly every word. Her poetry is peaceful and frequently beautiful, but most of all, this poet creates something original. The way she negotiates the limits of language when describing nature makes the reader feel as if he/she is experiencing "what is wild" in an entirely new way. (Christine Hamm, author of The Transparent Dinner, The Salt Daughter, and others)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Visible Sign by Jeff Newberry

BOR #1 contributor (x2) Jeff Newberry has a new chapbook out with Finishing Line Press: A Visible Sign. Order your copy here!

A few blurbs about this exciting new title:

In this collection Jeffrey Newberry demonstrates again and again that the language of faith is evergreen. These poems are as fresh as Eden's first dew. ~Mark Jarman, Epistles

How adroitly Jeff Newberry works with the noticing of contradictions, of paradoxes that make final sense, balance, and harmony. In this way, we welcome his new voice in poetry, his ability to discern new sight in shadow, new vision in breath, how he distills "the spaces between breaths," finding illumination and revelation in that hidden and observed place. His is a "theology of want" in which we may find ourselves reflected. Here is where we find the fine, new voice of Jeff Newberry, a welcome refreshment that gives us again to the detailed image, the new, the alien and the familiar. ~Nicholas Samaras, Hands of the Saddlemaker

Monday, July 7, 2008

Contributor list as of 7/7/08

Here's a sampling of the poets who will appear in Barn Owl Review #2! We've been open for submissions for a little over a month, and have received about 300 subs so far between the genres. Thus, we've only been able to make it through a fraction of the submissions, so do not fret if you are stil waiting to hear from us.

Poets who will be featured in Barn Owl Review #2:

Deborah Ager * Nin Andrews * Robert Lee Brewer * Edward Byrne * J.P. Dancing Bear * Leslie Harrison * Stephanie Kartalopoulos * Lori Lamothe * David Dodd Lee * Gary Leising * Erika Meitner * Keith Montesano * Alison Pelegrin * Greg Rappleye * Brent Royster * Sean Singer * Sarah Sloat * Jennifer Sullivan * Karen J. Weyant

Important news flash: Barn Owl Review #1 is now officially sold out! You can
pre-order a copy of BOR #2 now, though. We will also begin posting interviews on our website soon. I'll keep you posted.