Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's time for an update.

As of Tuesday, 8/12/08, we have now received 630 submissions since we opened on June 1st, and we are accepting submissions until November 1st (unless we have to close up early again this year). If you're still waiting to hear back from us, thanks so much for your patience!

An updated contributors' list for Barn Owl Review #2


Seth Abramson * Deborah Ager * Nin Andrews * Erica Bernheim * Robert Lee Brewer * Edward Byrne * J.P. Dancing Bear * Paula Cisewski * Rachel Dacus * Brent Fisk * Leslie Harrison * Stephanie Kartalopoulos * Lori Lamothe * David Dodd Lee * Gary Leising * Greg McBride * Erika Meitner * Keith Montesano * Alison Pelegrin * Greg Rappleye * Brent Royster * Sean Singer * Sarah Sloat * Amy Bracken Sparks * Jennifer Sullivan * Mathias Svalina *
Laura Madeline Wiseman * Karen J. Weyant


Kazim Ali