Friday, November 6, 2009

Pushcart Prize Nominations: Barn Owl Review #2

Many congratulations to the following poems (and their poets) for being nominated by Barn Owl Review for the Pushcart Prize. The editors salute you, and will be keeping their fingers crossed for you.

“Love Poem for Lamoni, Iowa” by Deborah Ager

“Clouds” by Jason Bredle

“Who But I, O Reckless Death” by David Dodd Lee

“Hurricane Party” by Alison Pelegrin

“The Violin Thief…” by Lee Ann Roripaugh

“Human Error” by Mathias Svalina

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Contributor Update: BOR #3 All Poetry Issue

This year we received a total of 767 poetry submissions for the Barn Owl Review all poetry issue. We have now stopped accepting submissions, but will continue reading those we received by (or on) November 1st. Thanks to all who submitted, and thank you for your patience if you're waiting to hear back from us. We obviously experienced quite a deluge.

An update of BOR#3 contributors, as of 11/3/09:

Michele Battiste * Adam Clay * Weston Cutter * Oliver de la Paz * Heather Derr-Smith * Jehanne Dubrow * Justin Evans * Suzanne Frischkorn * Bernadette Geyer * Rebecca Rolland Givens * Peter Joseph Gloviczki * Susan Grimm * Matthew Guenette * Carol Guess * Lee Gulyas * Leslie Harrison * Matthew Hittinger * Stephanie Kartalopoulos * Anna Leahy * David Dodd Lee * Gary Leising * Dawn Lonsinger * John Loughlin * Dora Malech * Gary McDowell * Nathain McClain * Marc McKee * Erika Meitner * Michael Meyerhofer * John Minczeski * Keith Montesano * Trey Moody * Carrie Oeding * Christina Olson * Sarah Perrier * F. Daniel Rzicznek * Sarah Sloat * Alison Stine * Angela Vogel * J. Michael Wahlgren * Ruth Williams * Michael Young