Friday, February 19, 2010

BOR#3 Passes Crucial Test

For Immediate Release: The master document of Barn Owl Review #3 has now officially been curled up with in the city of Akron, OH. Sources are reporting that the issue is now fully compiled, and when read by a reclining young lady, the results were most pleasing. Unconfirmed testimonies mention that there are even some unexpected, mind-blowing, and mildly amusing connections between poem titles.

Said one unnamed bystander: "This issue is kinda hot."

Pre-order a copy here and receive a free BOR #2, while supplies last. Make sure Paypal has your shipping address. We've been getting a lot of orders without addresses, in which case we just email you and nag for one.

You can also send a check for $14 payable to BARN OWL REVIEW, INC to the address here, along with your shipping details and email address so I can confirm your purchase.

Contributors: we'll be sending galleys your way soon. We have a gmail account now. Yes, we are that cool.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday afternoon live from Owl Headquarters

She begins putting it all together.

Note: that is snow, not a nuclear apocalypse, providing the blinding light through the window.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introducing Barn Owl Review #3

Dear Readers, here's the lineup of poets featured in BOR #3. It is such a pleasure to share this list, but also bittersweet, because we wish we could've accepted so many more poems. The issue is going to be amazing, and this time around it will be completely edited and assembled by MB and JR, and designed by the spectacular Amy Freels. Thanks so much to all who submitted. I'm hoping to document our process of assembling the issue, and will post some pictures on this blog as we roll up our sleeves and get to work.


Brent Armendinger * Michele Battiste * Brian Brodeur * Adam Clay * Elizabeth Colen * Weston Cutter * Oliver de la Paz * Heather Derr-Smith * Jehanne Dubrow * Justin Evans * Noah Falck * Rebecca Morgan Frank * Suzanne Frischkorn * Bernadette Geyer * Rebecca Givens Rolland * Peter Joseph Gloviczki * Susan Grimm * Matthew Guenette * Carol Guess * Lee Gulyas * Leslie Harrison * Matthew Hittinger * Kimberly Johnson * Stephanie Kartalopoulos * Anna Leahy * David Dodd Lee * Gary Leising * dawn lonsinger * John Loughlin * Dora Malech * Nathan McClain * Gary McDowell * Marc McKee * Erika Meitner * Michael Meyerhofer * John Minczeski * Keith Montesano * Trey Moody * Carrie Oeding * Christina Olson * Alison Pelegrin * Sarah Perrier * F. Daniel Rzicznek * Rob Schlegel * Sarah Sloat * Alison Stine * Angela Vogel * J. Michael Wahlgren * Ruth Williams * Michael Young