Friday, September 3, 2010

BOR 4 Contributor Update

We've been open for submissions since June 1st, and have received over 460 subs so far. Good golly! There's still time to submit (until November 1st), so don't delay if you're thinking about sending us work for Barn Owl Review 4.

We have a ton of stuff still under consideration, so do not panic if you haven't heard from us yet, but here's a list of authors you'll be seeing in the next issue, for sure.

BOR 4 Contributor List as of 9/3/10

Jenna Cardinale * Brittany Cavallaro * Juliet Cook * Jaydn DeWald * Lorraine Doran * Carolina Ebeid * Peter Joseph Gloviczki * Stephanie Kartalopoulos * Steve Kistulentz * David Dodd Lee * Louise Mathias * Shane McCrae * Carrie Oeding * Nate Pritts * Liz Robbins * Carmen Gimenez Smith

Check back and watch this list grow!