Friday, December 3, 2010

Barn Owl Review Pushcart Nominations, 2010

Dear World,

We're super happy to announce the names (and poem names!) of the pieces we've nominated for the Pushcart this year. As always, it's so hard deliberating over this, since every poem in the magazine is our favorite. So this year we went semi-scientific and used reader input along with our own brainstorming.

Many congrats to those nominated, and fingers crossed for you.


Barn Owl Review

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Barn Owl Review Pushcart Nominations, 2010

Elizabeth J. Colen, “From Love Field”

Jehanne Dubrow, “Wiretap”

Peter Joseph Gloviczki, “For My Cerebral Palsy at the London School of Economics”

Lee Gulyas, “Lightning Hits Preacher after Call to God”

Dora Malech, “The Station”

Erika Meitner, “In Praise of Heat”

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New book review @ BOR online.

We BOR editors love Erika Meitner, so we asked someone extra awesome to review her new book, Ideal Cities. You can check the review out here.

And now that mama has learned herself some Dreamweaver, we'll be having even more reviews up on the website very soon.

Oh, and Pushcart nominations released tomorrow, too.